Your Guide to Creating a Successful Company Retreat

Successful company retreats significantly impact innovation and motivation while facilitating better relationships among team members and management. However, only around 20 percent of companies reported holding annual gatherings. Interestingly, small businesses with 20 to 49 employees and larger corporations with 1000 employees or more were the most likely to have a corporate retreat.

That’s unfortunate because there are many benefits to holding corporate retreats. In this guide, we’ll be taking a closer look at what a company retreat is, the benefits of having a retreat, how to plan a successful event, and choosing the right venue for your retreat.

What is a Company Retreat?

Company retreats are out-of-office gatherings for employees and management that facilitate healthy working environments and often include team-building exercises or address specific business needs and goals. These retreats often combine work and fun and are generally semi-structured events. In some cases, retreats may be exclusive to employees, but many allow spouses or children to attend.

The Benefits of a Company Retreat

Company retreats are an effective way of investing in your team. Here are three of the best benefits of holding a corporate retreat.

1. Improved Relationships Among Team Members

Retreats bring your team members together. They facilitate communication, innovation and help team members bond with one another. Additionally, retreats are a great way to resolve any tension, particularly after a stressful year, and help employees feel recognized and important to the company.

2. Build On Your Team’s Strengths and Improve Their Weaknesses

Every team has strengths and weaknesses, but any strength or weakness can be improved upon. Retreats are a great way to target areas of improvement or strengthen qualities your team already possesses through team-building activities.

3. Improved Job Satisfaction and Motivation

One of the best benefits of holding company retreats is that they help employees feel valued. Employees that believe they are valuable to a company are more likely to be more productive and have a better performance. Additionally, surveys have shown that only 12 percent of employees quit their job for a higher pay scale. They are more likely to resign because of job satisfaction, management, work benefits, and growth opportunities.

Planning a Successful Company Retreat

Are you planning an upcoming company retreat? Here are some tips for planning a successful event.

  • Determine the Purpose of the Retreat: You should determine the purpose of the company retreat early on to ensure that you can create an itinerary that will support this purpose. For example, are there work-related discussions that need to take place? Are you more interested in team-building exercises? What are the goals that you hope the retreat will accomplish?
  • Don’t Make it All About Work: Most successful company retreats have a good balance between work and fun. Retreats that focus solely on work may not come across as well as retreats that don’t and may leave your employees feeling more drained than they had been before the retreat.
  • Know You Itinerary: Once you know the purpose of your company retreat, you can begin to create a detailed itinerary for the event. However, make sure that you include flexibility, as some activities may take longer than expected or activities may be impacted by weather or other circumstances.

Choosing the Right Venue for Your Next Company Retreat

Choosing the right venue for your company retreat is a big step towards its success. Taking your team out to the Tusculum Farm is a fantastic way to facilitate a positive work environment while enjoying all the team-building activities and amenities we have to offer. As our guests, your team can enjoy walks and hikes, horseback riding, fishing, games, and more. Additionally, we’re happy to help you set up extra activities to help you create a successful company retreat.

Are you planning a company retreat? Explore our spaces and learn more about our current packages before booking your stay at Tusculum Farm.




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